Connected Content

Connected Content

Thursday, January 10, 2013








The marketing environment that we live in, communicate and work in has changed rapidly from a once silo-ed digital and media landscape to a connected, innovative and consistently changing ecosystem.


Today’s modern marketers needs to have a diverse set of skills and knowledge that understands audience needs and demand and creates content and advanced marketing strategies around them.


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If you want to engage in today’s new marketing world then you need to understand your audience. Knowing, listening to and understanding your audience is a key step that helps you connect with your consumer.

From social media monitoring, audience profiling, web analytics, and traditional research and business strategy understanding your buyers, persona’s and target audience helps you map and build demand and content based strategies to deliver the right message to the right consumer at the right and in the right format.


Successful demand generation allows people to  discover who you are. For many this takes the form of outbound marketing – events, email, telesales, business development and, lets say, more traditional methods. Techniques are streamlined and automated to make the process much more scalable. However – such techniques are still intrusive to the customer to a certain degree with limited audience understanding needed.

The way we market to people has changed. People want to be made to feel relevant, they want to understand and learn before they buy and be appealed to. The rise of digital and social media has fueled this consumer need for engagement and move from push to pull type marketing – inbound marketing

Inbound marketing moves at a slightly slower pace than outbound marketing but has much better and long term results. Inbound marketing encompasses outbound techniques such as email but also looks into far more engaging search, social and digital techniques such as blogging, social media, search and digital marketing and content catered to the community through conversation.

Connected Content

Balancing outbound and inbound demand generation campaigns is a key focus for many businesses in 2013. The way to master, drive and co-ordinate this is led by content marketing strategies

Fulfilling demand and creating demand has roots in content, quality content. Content that connects with the right audience fuels success across all your on (paid, owned, earned) and offline media. My approach to real content is highlighted below

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